JEDI - Jalal-Abad Education and Development Institute!

1th Feb 2016

JEDI, Jalalabat Education and Development Institute, offers language courses in English, German, Russian, Korean and Chinese. We also provide courses for Computer and Business Trainings.Trainings conducted are rendered by skilled and highly trained teachers and speakers both from Kyrgyzstan and other countries from around the world. Welcome to JEDI! We are happy to serve you!

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Benefits of JEDI.

Study English, Russian, German, Korean, Chinese. In Jalal-Abad Education and Development Institute. The best education system, we have local and foreign teachers. A lot of practice, speaking exercises and listening exercises helps you to develop your fluency of a language. We have conversation clubs that means you will not only study language but also you improve your communication skills. We collect new teaching methods from all over the world. So don't walk run to learn new language and not only.

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